Hubble Legacy Fields (HLF) Data Release 1.0 for the GOODS-S region (HLF-GOODS-S)

We present the 1.0 version data release of the Hubble Legacy Fields (HLF) project for the GOODS-South (ECDF-S) region from the HST archival program AR-13252. The release combines exposures from Hubble's two main workhorse cameras, the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel (ACS/WFC) and the Wide Field Camera 3 InfraRed Channel (WFC3/IR), taken over more than a decade between mid-2002 to the end of 2015. The HLF includes essentially all optical (ACS/WFC F435W, F606W, F775W, F814W and F850LP filters) and infrared (WFC3/IR F105W, F125W, F140W and F160W filters) data taken by Hubble over the original CDF-South region including the GOODS-South, CANDELS, ERS, ECDF-S and many other programs. Given that this dataset combines all images in the archive on the CDF-S to date, the AR proposal identified the product under the global name "Hubble Legacy Field" with the designation HLF-GOODS-S for this field.. Given the large area, a global astrometric solution was bootstrapped from the smaller datasets. All the image mosaics have been produced using the same tangent point as the original GOODS-S dataset. The resulting data volume is very large (152GB). The total incorporated in the HLF-GOODS-S is 5.7 MSec in 7079 exposures from about 2387 orbits. This is ~70% of a HST full cycle!

The HLF Team is Garth Illingworth, Daniel Magee, Rychard Bouwens, Pascal Oesch, Ivo Labbe, Pieter van Dokkum, Kate Whitaker, Bradford Holden, Marijn Franx, and Valentino Gonzalez.

The 1.0 version of the HLF dataset provides ACS/WFC and WFC3/IR images covering a 25 x 25 arcminute area plus (smaller) cutouts of four deep areas in the GOODS-South field. All the data covering the original HUDF field within the GOODS-South area were previously released as a high level science product - the HUDF/XDF field.


The HLF-GOODS-S HLSP dataset (left) which includes nine ACS/WFC and WFC3/IR filters (F435W, F606W, F775W, F814W, F850LP, F105W, F125W, F140W & F160W). The exposure time maps (right) showing the >7000 exposures that comprise the HLF-GOODS-S dataset (Click on image for large version).

The HLF-HUDF Parallel Deep Fields

The five deep regions within HLF-GOODS-S (HUDF parallels in red and the HUDF/XDF in yellow).


These data can be downloaded at Or can be obtained with anonymous FTP (ftp then cd /pub/hlsp/hlf/1.0). We also provide a script (hlsp_hlf_v1.0_download.txt) which uses the command line tool curl to download the entire dataset or can be edited to download only the files needed.

A description of the Hubble Legacy Fields has been published. If you use these data please reference Illingworth, Magee, Bouwens, Oesch et al, 2016.